Water Mains Replacement

BeSure have a specialist team that out carries water main installation. They can replace your old water mains or install new water mains.

Water mains replacement and identifying and repairing leaking water pipes has traditionally been a long and messy job, so finding a specialist division who use the very latest modern technology to make this work as unobtrusive as possible is really important. Our specialist plumbers know everything they need to know about water pipes so can fix a problem as soon as you need them to.

There are many cases when you may need to replace your water mains.

It may be that lead has been exposed to your drinking water so we would recommend that the water mains will need to be changed.

Old water pipes can sometimes fur up and cause low water pressure in your home. Again, we would recommend that you replace your old water pipes to prevent this from happening in the future. We can replace them with modern, plastic pipes that won’t contaminate your water or fur up.  In the most severe cases, a water burst will cause a fracture in a water pipe. This will require immediate attention from one of our qualified plumbers.