Office Refurbishment

As Essex Builders, we have experience of providing office refurbishment across the whole of Essex. We have qualified builders with all the relevant experience, from installing suspended ceilings and wall partitioning as well as the usual building skills such as carpentry and electrical work.

We are experienced at design and planning so will be able to assist you in the planning of your refurbishment project for your offices.

Key Things to Consider in Office Refurbishment

When planning your office refurbishments, there are many things to consider. Our designers, architects and project managers will be able to ask the right questions to keep your office refurbishment project on track, but there are some things that can be thought of in advance to keep the project moving along smoothly.

  • Safety issues are extremely important and you are obliged to consider certain issues by law. Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and exit signs are important defences against injury due to fire.
  • Your office should also ensure that dangerous materials such as glass partitioning are used in a way that minimises the danger of an accident happening
  • Available floor space is a critical constraint in any office refurbishment but careful use of partitioning as well as solid walls and glass can create a feeling of space. Opportunities to create as much natural light will also maximise the feeling of space. Where there are large quantities of natural light it may be useful to consider the use of materials that maximise the natural light whilst minimising any glare. Use of various types of partitions can also be important for minimising the impact of noise on the working environment
  • Placing workstations is the central aspect of any office refurbishment and every office will require services such as electricity, telephones and computer systems. Services can be delivered to the desk via a raised floor or from a suspended ceiling above the floor. In a modern office, whichever way services are delivered neither should be a restriction on how workstations are located
  • Office space may also need to be used carefully. The type, location and amount of space will be determined by the culture of an office. Many offices today have totally open plan workstations where employees have lockers or pedestals and move between desk locations as required. Combining this with an open management style where junior managers use open plan desks and only senior r refurbishment management have designated offices is a way of ensuring the best use of space
  • A project of this nature is also an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to your staff. Make sure they have an opportunity to be involved in the design stage. They know what they need at work and what they’d like so make sure their input is taken at all steps in the project
  • Be aware of local logistics and how they might impact your office refurbishment project. What is access to your office like? How easy is it to bring building materials into the office? Can waste material be easily removed? Are there local authority restrictions that will impact what you can and can’t do?