Solid / Glass Partitioning


Modern construction techniques large open plan spaces. Gone are the interior load bearing walls of the past. Office space today is a commodity that is cheap and flexible thanks to the use of standardised partitioning materials.  Simple, standardized partitioning systems allow the flexible use of space at a very low-cost premium. We are the best Essex builders from Essex that specialise in installing partitioning. Our office refurbishment team are very experienced so call them today if you need any rooms in your office partitioned off.

Partitioning from Many Different Materials

Partition walls are made of a variety of materials. In most cases, they will be made from easily installed plasterboard which frequently will be treated with a further coating of plaster before final decoration takes place. Glass partitions can be used to create smaller offices within a large space.

Due to their construction from relatively soft materials, electrical and network services are easily and more cheaply, installed. Partitioning systems can be constructed from other materials and selecting the right material can mean that fire and security issues are resolved immediately. They can also help make the best use of office space by allowing walls to be temporary or moved by opening a particular wall to join one or more space together.

Quality Partitioning Work

All partitioning work that we undertake comes with our seal of quality in-built. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered so you will benefit from this because our focus on quality from start to end means that your project will progress according to timelines and budgets we agree and where problems arise you will know about them in advance so that we can plan the best way of addressing them. You can also be assured that all of our building methods, including waste disposal, comply and often exceed environmental requirement.

Our membership of demonstrates that our employees with partitioning and other skills such as brick working, electrical, plastering and carpentry can work to Government standards.