Water Mains Replacement

Water mains replacement and identifying and repairing leaking water pipes has traditionally been a long and messy job.  We have a specialist division who use the very latest modern technology to make this work as unobtrusive as possible.

Water mains replacement is sometimes needed in order to stop exposing you to lead in your drinking water or to solve problems with water pressure.

Old pipes sometimes fur up and cause low water pressure in your home so we replace them with modern, plastic pipes that won’t contaminate your water or fur up.  In the most severe cases, a water burst will cause a fracture in a water pipe that requires immediate attention.

The Straight Forward Approach to Water Mains Replacement

We use a clever technique called moling which allows us to drill and replace water pipes without digging a trench across the length of your garden.  We dig two small pits in your garden and introduce a modern automatic drill, called a mole that then digs a tunnel for your new water pipe automatically.

After the mole has dug the tunnel, we then insert the new plastic water pipe.  Once connected to the mains supply and tested we then fill in the two pits. Most jobs take no more than a day to complete so the disturbance in your garden and disruption to your water supply is kept to the very minimum.

Ten Years Experience

Our team of builders in Essex are fully qualified in to use these techniques and are approved by water companies and local authorities in the area.  Our team have been doing this work for more than 10 years and have carried out thousands of leak locations and repairs.

Our staff are skilled in all aspects of this work including the detection of underground water leaks which can save you thousands of pounds if your property has a metered supply of water.