Leak detection

Water leak repairs through leak detection methods in pipes are one of the most difficult maintenance challenges that face any property owner.  In the majority of properties (unless you’re Lloyds of London or the Pompidou Centre in Paris), all services are supplied within a building under floors.  When a leak occurs it can be some time before it is discovered, and it may also be that water shows some significant way away from the leak.  The method used to detect the source of leak will vary.  It will depend upon the possible location of the pipe that is believed to be leaking.

Simple Techniques for Complex Problems

Internal leaks can sometimes be best located by listening for the sound of

water escaping as a pipe comes under pressure.  Using devices similar to medical stethoscopes leaks occurring in a pipe as water moves through it can often be located.  Thermal imaging is a useful technique, especially when leaks are suspected in central heating pipes where the water is at a high temperature.

Where leaks are suspected in external pipes the moisture levels in the ground, along the track of a pipe, can be measured to see if they source of the leak can be located.  Other techniques such as thermal imaging or gas insertion can also be used, but they are not usually necessary.

Quality Leak Detection Work

Specialist work such as water leak detection requires staff who have many years of experience if they are to locate the source of a leak with the minimum of disruption and cost to the client.  As one of the most established builders in Essex, our members of staff have years of experience in this type of work.  Our work comes with quality in-built.  We are members of Constructionline which demonstrates that our employees have leak detection skills and more conventional building skills such as plumbing, electrical, plastering and carpentry and work to Government standards.