Home Renovation

Home Renovation

Home renovation to an existing property is a way of restoring a property to a previous standard, often involving the sourcing and inclusion of period pieces such as fireplaces or ceiling coving and lighting roses.

A home renovation project can also be undertaken when there is a need to create additional space in a family home.  One issue associated with planning a renovation project knowing what work can be done without requiring planning permission.  Whilst planning regulations are always under review, particularly with the current governments desire to relax planning controls what follows is a simple list of what work can be undertaken without planning permission.

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  • Internal remodelling  of your existing property, including the movement of walls is allowed
  • Moving windows and doors is normally accepted unless there were restrictions placed as part of an earlier planning permission
  • Attached spaces such as garages and outhouses attached to the building can be used as part of a renovation provided they don’t increase the footprint of the property
  • Single story extensions can be added provided the extension does not sit in front of main elevation, materials should be similar, and the eaves are less than 3m.  The roof should be no more than 4m high.  For rear extensions, they can be up to 4m deep and side extensions less than half width of the original property.
  • Rooflights can be added or changed provided they stay within the roof plane on the street side of the property
  • Loft conversions can be added with dormer windows that sit below the highest part of the roof
  • Two storey extensions can be added but must be at the rear of the dwelling, less than 3m in depth or within 7m of rear boundary
  • Sheds and Outbuildings can be built provided they take less than 50% of garden space
  • Two homes can be joined into one  if they are semi detached or terraced properties to be used as one residence
  • Porches can be added to any property and providing they are less than 3m2, less than 3m high and not within 2m of any boundary
  • A swimming pool can be built in any rear garden  pool provided it does not take more than 50% of garden space
  • Solar panels can be installed on a roof provided they do not extend more than 200mm beyond roof plane

Planning Permission and Building Regulations

Planning Permission deals with what you can include in your renovation and Building Regulations control how you do the work.  Our skilled technicians and project managers will work from the earliest stage of your design project.

If you are not using an architect, we will work to ensure that recent changes to Planning Permission rules are taken into account.  Our builders, carpenters, electricians and plumbers are all fully qualified, many to government standards, and we will ensure that work done complies with all building regulations